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Street Lit/Crime Fiction/Romance Suspense

Growing up in Watts California and being raised by a single hard working woman (his mother), Soulja Choc realized that he has a true to life story to tell.   Although his reality is raw, hardcore and some may even think uncanny, he gives a message that he hopes those who are entertained by it, will receive.

When asked what was the reason behind his writing, he says,  "when I first developed the idea to write, it was just to keep my name alive. Just to tell a story, but as I talked to people in the industry and began to see the reality, a few things changed and that was now my new reason to write. One, I wanted to introduce the real life of being a young boy raised in Watts, CA. Two, give knowledge to people like my sons, friends and who ever else that grabs the book and let them know that although life seems all fun when you're shinning, "LIFE" happens when you aren't living legit." 

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